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The Three Departments of BSI Nordale’s Operation

With the finest standards in mind, BSI Nordale ( provides a Project Manager (as well as Associate Managers) to handle each and every project. Three departments embrace the heart of the enterprise: Design and Installation, FM Systems and Energy, and Maintenance and Lifecycle. In each BSI Nordale division unique sets of employees are appointed, assuring that each one of them has the qualities of a specialised worker and that each has the appropriate expertise and experience necessary to provide solutions to every M&E construction need.

BSI Nordale provides their services to commercial and residential areas alike, counting on their specialisation which entails them not creating any inconvenience for people nearby whilst operating in "live" environments. Special attention and care is needed when working with Grade II-listed buildings. BSI Nordale has a proven track-record for taking care of them in an efficient manner. Satisfaction, credibility and reliability are attributes someone should search for and expect in a highly adept company.

Workers from BSI Nordale are sourced extremely carefully to ensure just the best individuals - having outstanding technical competence and a solid work ethic - are selected. A great engineering company is one that handles complications and supplies services with a remarkable success rate. BSI Nordale takes into account the unique specifications of a customer, instead of offering a uniform solution.

About BSI Nordale's Vision and Commitment

Quality of work is the greatest priority at BSI Nordale: that’s the reason its industry experts never fail to deliver. All companies must be backed by high operational standards. BSI Nordale is a business which excels in the supply of services involving consultancy, installation, project-management and creation. Maintaining the mechanical and electrical integrity of buildings is a top priority at BSI Nordale.

When a company is recognised for providing excellent service, the choice is obvious. Before working with a company, it is invaluable to understand every service that they provide. BSI Nordale hold an exceptional track record with implementing plans with great efficiency and speed; this lies in the simple fact that they make use of their plentiful resources.