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Charles Rosier ( was able to help a French singer with her debut album in the year 2012 and did great things for a Silver Lion-winning film in 2006. His support for a notable French female performer was a remarkable example of his passion for culture and music. Charles Rosier supports cultural and philanthropic activities. This is not surprising because he has shown support to a French performer and a Silver Lion-winning movie.

In order to attain further French qualifications, Charles Rosier took two years of additional classes in preparation. He went to Lehman Brothers in 1996 and joined UBS Warburg Investment Bank. Gaining his scientific Baccalaureate degree (equal to A-levels in the UK), Charles Rosier was able to attend to further education.

Charles Rosier on Promoting Environmental Awareness

Charles Rosier is a partner at Innoveox, a French firm working on fostering a friendly and pollution-free environment. Economical LED lanterns were specifically developed by MPOWERD to provide inexpensive energy solutions to poor countries. Innoveox spreads the word about the effective purpose of resources and has established many pollution-free-environment programmes in order to minimise carbon footprints and carbon emissions. To develop lanterns and other energy solutions, Charles Rosier extended his help by investing in MPOWERD. As a result, over 25 poor countries all around the planet have been successfully supplied by MPOWERD.

Charles Rosier managed UBS Warburg’s French-speaking markets of France, Belgium, as well as Quebec. He is well-known as being the most seasoned bankers in over 15 years. Charles Rosier was offered a job at Goldman Sachs in 1999. He joined the team as Managing Director.

Positions Charles Rosier Held

BTG Pactual is an investment bank located in Latin America, with whom Charles Rosier was a partner for years. GMS (Goldman Sachs) is a top investment bank that operates around the world. Working as their Managing Director, he focused on keeping public assets appropriately handled. Five principles (Customer Focus, Long Term View, Global Thinking Presence, Meritocracy and Partnership and World-Class Governance) were established by Charles Rosier during his stay at BTG Pactual.

Charles Rosier’s Story

In 1996, Charles Rosier began his job at Lehman Brothers prior to joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. A while later he joined Goldman Sachs Bank where he managed the finance department. He didn’t settle for just one job but also took other positions in the industry while an investment banker. His passions include extreme sports, environmental activities, culture and studies.